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Friday, 29 January 2016

10 FREE Font Resources Online

Looking for FREE Photoshop Fonts you can use in your Photoshop projects? Here are 10 excellent online resources for FREE Fonts.

***Please do NOT download ANYTHING without reading through all of the NOTES below.***


You can also locate other sources for free Photoshop fonts online by keying “free Photoshop font download” into your search engine.
  • Be careful as you navigate through these sites. There are many advertisements on these sites, and there is also the potential for picking up a virus or spyware or some other unwanted elements. Refer back to the “Taking Precautions” handout from the last lecture.
  • Pay attention and don’t just click on the first “Download” button you see. Be sure of what you are downloading before you press any “Download” button [i.e., will it be the actual font or is it for an unzip utility program or for some other software program you may not want].


  • Some of these sites may also have fonts that are for sale. If you see a font you like, click on it, and then realize there is a cost for that font, simply click the back button and continue browsing the site for FREE fonts. There is no need to provide any kind of payment information to obtain free Photoshop fonts. You may also CHOOSE to purchase sets of fonts from these or other typography resources if you wish.
  • Before you download each free font or set of free fonts, be sure to read the rules on the site or any rules for use created by each specific designer. There may be restrictions for how fonts can be used.
  • Most of these sites are searchable, and you can find the kinds of fonts you are looking for by typing in key words on the site that refer to categories of fonts such as “fancy” or “calligraphy”.
  • Most of the files you download for free fonts or free sets of fonts will be zipped files that must be unzipped on your computer after you download them. You will need an unzipping utility to unzip and use the files. In most cases, an unzipping utility will available on the site where these free Photoshop fonts are available.
  • You will find a wide variety of fonts available, and a wide variety of types of fonts. The quality of the fonts will also vary based upon the designer. Some will not be your typical fonts, as in typography, at all, but rather a series of characters or icons or small graphics the designer decided to create and put into a collection which can be accessed/created using the keyboard like entering text.

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