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Monday, 7 November 2016

8 Must Do Tips for your WordPress Website

welcome to another WordPress Tutorial, my name is Imran Qasim  and this week we are looking at eight different things that you should be doing on your website.

looking for though as to what things you should be doing let's take a look at it the very first thing we want to talk about is:

1) Mobile Friendliness, of course everybody knows your website has to be responsive you know that you should be looking at a theme for wordpress that allows that type of cool structure so it looks great on a cell phone but there's a lot more you should be thinking about as well you don't just want to think about how it looks on a cell phone you know this way or that way you want to be checking it on iphones you want to be chart iphones you want to be checking in on androids you want to be checking it on an iPad vertical and horizontal you want to also be checking out your your website across different browsers right so you want to be looking at safari make sure that everything on your website functions well for mobile friendliness google is watching that and they want you add to get it right so i'll put the link to this option for you this is Google's a mobile-friendly test you can come here and just type in your web address and click analyze and it will go run Google's kind of will go over and can review your website see if it's good or not and it will give you a great report so check that out the other thing i want to suggest doing.

2) phone number and your address on your website if they're visible and they all are clickable and while smartphones these days do in fact read phone numbers some do not so you want to be sure that there might be some nerd code behind the scenes to allow that to happen.

3) social media we've really got to talk about this because even though in our nose last week i mentioned don't let social media be a distraction there is a correct way to allow social media on your website that can be an advantage google definitely wants to see social media links happening on your website so one of the examples I can give you is here on my integrity site we have our twitter feed that happens inside of our blog area over here in the sidebar we just have a free plug-in that were using for twitter and allow it pulls in our dynamic feed right there so that's pretty cool and of course you can always have your links across the bottom last week we spoke about the placement of these icons not being a distraction so you want to look at these and be sure that they are clickable mobile friendly they're nice and big links that people can see them and i would highly suggest using the actual icons instead of just linked text over to your social media accounts so that people quickly and easily see those another version that you can do for social media is Instagram there are several really cool free plug-ins right now that you can do and basically plug it in your website and pull your feed over from your Instagram channel directly into your website so that's really cool so you can take a picture from your phone uploaded to Instagram account and dynamically it's be an option for you having some really cool a fresh content as well.

4) Customer Reviews Google is looking for these types of things on your website as well and so are your customers they're wanting to see what other people are talking about they're wanting to see people's of interaction with you and and kind of what their experience was so on web charity's website we have our client reviews page here and of course we also link over to our Google reviews that people can check that out but we've got both written testimonials as well as video testimonials and I think a blend of both are really cool to have so absolutely be sure to have something like that on your website.

5) major landing pages you absolutely want to be sure that you're doing something where every single key term that wrap your brain around this for a second okay we're going to talk about SEO every key term that you want to rank well for all right so for webtegrity if we want to rank well for web design we want to be sure to have a major landing page or one single page on our website that's dedicated specifically to that conversation and we do have that so if you come over here to our services and wordpress website i'm right here you click on that this is our singular page that specifically talks all about our different projects that we do every bit of text on the page specifically speaks to web design now one of the things we one of the reasons why we have this obviously is because a google wants to be able to read what your services are and it's difficult to read your services or if all you have is one page that says services and they're in a bullet point list you know web design SEO social media marketing content writing that's silly that's not even enough content for Google to really sink its teeth into and understand what you're doing so when I'm saying major landing pages i really want you to break out and create different pages on your website that can speak specifically to the key terms that you're trying to rank well for.

6) Yoast SEO I have to tell you using the free plug-in Yost inside of your WordPress website is absolutely one of the things you want to be doing because it's like having somebody who's an SEO expert in the room with you helping you write your content you want to have as many green lights as you possibly can and once you start using Yost you'll understand that green light statement all right

7) google analytics if you are not currently tracking your google analytics you really don't know if all all of this work that you're putting into your website is even creating the traffic to get your customers excited to get people to your website you don't even know so you could be thinking you know I've been spending a lot of time writing blog articles this month and you know spend 20 or 30 hours has it gotten me any new leads no not really well you can then go look at your google analytics and see Wow my traffic has gone up though i did in fact get 500 new visitors to my website this month why didn't those convert you really need to be watching and seeing how much traffic comes to your website google analytics can also help you with where they came from what search term they were using to find you did they come from social media what type of browser they're using how long did they stay on your website what pages did they click on inside your website it will keep track of all of that and it's super important for you to understand if you don't have this link right now to your current website I've got another video we've already done about how to connect google analytics your WordPress website that will be in the description box down below check it out.

 8) Securtity/Backup this is one of the most important things you can ever be doing and you must be doing on your current website and that's to have some really great security in place and also have a backup game plan right you know that WordPress always requires updates and if you don't have a backup in place and you go to click update you can very easily break your entire website and have what we call the white screen of death so you certainly want to be paying attention to not only your security kind of improvements that you can do on your website be sure that your user name is not admin be sure that your password is really really secure and then also even look at potentially using a plug-in called sakura it's suc you are I i'll put the link to that in the description box below and as for backup plugin i wanted a highly recommend updraft plus this is a free backup plugin that you can install on your website you can look how many active installs you guys this is incredible they're always keeping it up-to-date and one of the things that i love about updraft plus is not only is it super simple to install and activate but if something ever does go along can do on your website and you have to have a backup is a one click restore option and it will automatically roll back your website and fix everything that was broken of you want to be sure that you're backing up not only your files but also your database it gives you that option inside of it so check that box all right y'all that's it those are my top eight things that you have to be doing on your current website if you have questions about these Stroman that in the comments down below and i will do my best to respond back to you i hope you're having a great day, stick around next week it only gets better subscribe i'll talk to you guys later bye

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