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Tuesday, 11 July 2017

laravel 5 4 ACL in urdu 2017

Hello Friends,

Welcome to This Laravel 5.4 Tutorial for Beginners by Perfect Web Solutions, In This Video Tutorial, we will learn about ACL in Laravel 5.4.

Laravel provides a simple way to authorize user actions against a given resource. Like authentication, Laravel's approach to authorization is simple, and there are two primary ways of authorizing actions: Gates and policies.

Think of gates and policies like routes and controllers. Gates provide a simple, Closure based approach to authorization while policies, like controllers, group their logic around a particular model or resource. We'll explore gates first and then examine policies.

You do not need to choose between exclusively using gates or exclusively using policies when building an application. Most applications will most likely contain a mixture of gates and policies, and that is perfectly fine! Gates are most applicable to actions which are not related to any model or resource, such as viewing an administrator dashboard. In contrast, policies should be used when you wish to authorize an action for a particular model or resource.

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