Sunday, 4 October 2020

Flashback: the Nexus 4 cost less than half what the Pixel 5 costs, but it had a flagship chipset

The Nexus line may have had a rocky start, but it elicits love from fans in a way that the Pixels never quite managed. The trouble with the Pixels is that they are premium phones with premium prices whereas the Nexus line invented the “flagship killer” in all but name. That came about with the Nexus 4, which launched at a price of $300/€300/£280 (for the 8GB model, $350/€350 for 16GB). A year after launch you could have it for as little as $200, but even the launch price is less than half of what Google is asking for the new Pixel 5 unveiled earlier this week. It’s less than what the Pixel...

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